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Same code working locally, but not on a remote server. Migrating aws-sdk to @aws-sdk/client-s3

Using AWS S3 functionality in our node application, this issue suddenly broke our functionality for no plausible reason. The strange aspect was that the same thing worked correctly on the local server, but any remote server would throw this error.

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Convert HTML to PDF in Nodejs

Without Puppeteer, phantomjs or any other headless browser.

To convert an HTML to PDF in the backend, you usually need a headless browser like Puppeteer or phantomjs. The downside of headless browsers is that they are resource intensive. If you need to convert an HTML in Nodejs, is there a way to do so without them? The answer is yes but with a caveat: The HTML should be relatively simple, and you will only have a few options to style the document.

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How to Run Nightmare JS On Remote Linux Server

Nightmare JS is a browser automation tool. It works perfectly on local machine and even has an option to view the browser in action by passing { show: true } option when initializing Nightmare. On remote linux machine, however, it will not work without installing and including an extra package xvfb. [Read More]

How to Deal With Nightmare JS Zombie Electron Processes

Nightmare JS leaves in its wake zombie electron processes and memory leaks

Nightmare JS is a great browser automation library, especially effective for scrapping websites. It has two faults though: memory leaks and zombie electron processes. But with a duct-tape hacks we can easily overcome both. For memory leak, which is minor but builds up over time, daily restart of the node script or app is pretty effective and avoids solutions that are overkill. [Read More]
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