Add A Dropdown List in Suneditor React Using Custom Plugin

Merge Tags Or Insert Variables Can Easily Be Listed For The User To Choose From

In almost all of the text editors available for React JS adding your own dropdown list is not an easy task. In a React app I was using suneditor, and I needed to add my own dropdown list for the users to select a merge tag from, but I couldn’t find a way from their documentation. [Read More]

Nodejs Script to Add Rows in CSV File Through Terminal

Filling out a CSV file through Office Excel or LibreOffice Calc is easy enough, but you may find it quicker to type in fields on a terminal, particularly when you want to process the data before entry, use defaults, or keep the entry process totally mouse-free. [Read More]
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What Are the Alternatives to Google Places Geocoding Autocomplete

After the insane price hike of Google Maps with far-reaching consequences, people are looking for its viable alternatives, including geocoding autocomplete services. We had Google autocomplete text field in one of the apps, which had some 20,000 plus autocompleted sessions a month (Google counts autocomplete by session, not per keystroke). [Read More]

Google Maps Price Hike, its Effect on Small And Medium Businesses, and Future Repercussions

Maps, Routes And Places; all got out of developers' reach

For a long time, and for no fee, developers and entrepreneurs were ruthlessly milking Google Maps, the then unknown future cash cow of Google. In 2018, all of a sudden, Google put a hefty price tag on its Maps services, that included three distinct but related products: Maps, Routes, and Places. [Read More]

How to Run Nightmare JS On Remote Linux Server

Nightmare js is a browser automation tool. It works perfectly on local machine and even has an option to view the browser in action by passing { show: true } option when initializing Nightmare. On remote linux machine, however, it won’t work without installing and including an extra package xvfb. [Read More]

How to Deal With Nightmare JS Zombie Electron Processes

Nightmare JS leaves in its wake zombie electron processes and memory leaks

Nightmare JS is a great browser automation library, especially effective for scrapping websites. It has two faults though: memory leaks and zombie electron processes. But with a duct-tape hacks we can easily overcome both. For memory leak, which is minor but builds up over time, daily restart of the node script or app is pretty effective and avoids solutions that are overkill. [Read More]

Restart Pm2 Process Every Day Using A Node Script

A brute force yet effective way to restart scripts that need it

To run node js scripts and apps constantly we usually use pm2 (some prefer forever). However, some scripts require a brute force restart from time to time as they don’t fare better in uninterrupted longer runs. Mostly, the reason is memory leaks of packages you’re bound to use but have no control over. [Read More]
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Trace Redirect Urls NPM Request

With NPM request module it’s quite easy to observe and trace all the intermediate urls before the final url is reached. We can do that using followRedirect option, which takes either true or false, or a function that should return a boolean value. [Read More]