Countries JSON Dictionary, Map Code to Name and Name to Code

Below are two JSON dictionaries and an array of countries. First dictionary maps country codes to country names. The other maps the same names to their codes. The array at the end has objects of countries. The source of the data is this github gist. [Read More]

What Are The Use Cases of Lodash Chunk method?

Chunk is a method of Lodash that splits the array into evenly sized arrays and returns them in a single array. If the array is indivisible evenly, the final chunk has the left over elements. It takes the size of the grouping in argument (the default size is 1). [Read More]

Shell Script to Delete and Recreate a Branch From Master

Both locally and remotely

To delete a branch and recreate it, both locally and remotely, here is a short shell script that asks for user confirmation and then proceeds to recreate the branch from master. In this example, the branch is development, the confirmation message is colored red to emphasize precuation, and the script only proceeds once user types exact yes.

[Read More]

JavaScript Flatten Deeply Nested Array of Objects Into Single Level Array

Using plain JavaScript, and lodash's flatMapDeep method

Requirement: We have an array of objects that is deeply nested. We want to bring all the nested objects into the array at root level. Following is the example array familyTree that has multiple people in the root and many of them have children array containing further members: [Read More]