Export MongoDB Collection Data In CSV From Node Express Mongoose Application

Suppose a student collection in mongoDB have some data that we want to export in a CSV file from a Mongoose, Node, and Express app. For simplicity, let us assume only two fields in Mongoose schema: lastName and firstName. To export a CSV file, install moment, json2csv, and mongo-date-query (optional) npm packages: [Read More]

Integrate Polling Based API In Node/Express Js

At times we need to integrate in our Node/Express application third party APIs that have implemented polling mechanism i.e. they only send back results once available; the client must keep on attempting until the service has put together all the results to return. [Read More]

Node Express Endpoint to Upload and Process CSV File

It is quite common in Node Express backend development to come across a requirement of parsing and processing CSV files. Usually, it is to store the content in the database after processing. In this post, we will upload a CSV file, store it temporarily in the server directory to fetch all rows in JSON form, push all rows in an array, and remove the temporary file. [Read More]
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