Remove Whitespaces Between Markdown Markers

To fix Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough tags.

Markdown Whitespace Inconsistencies

Markdown spec outlines markers, such as the asterisk (*), underscore (_), and double tilde (~~), for bold, italic and strikethrough, (or otherwise known as strong, emphasis, and delete), but requires these markers to wrap the text content on left and right without any whitespace(s). Any space on either side makes the markers appear as is instead of valid HTML tags after parsing/translation.

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Multiple Ways to Build APIs to Use Airtable Data in Applications

With their advantages and disadvantages

Airtable is a tool much like Google sheets, only way more advanced; it is a low-code platform for building collaborative applications. You might be interested in consuming Airtable data in your applications, especially MVPs or POCs. For that, you can build APIs that return data sourced from Airtable. [Read More]
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