How to Extract Numbers From A String In JavaScript

Including decimals, negatives, and numbers with commas

While working on certain tasks with JavaScript, we might need to extract specific data from a string, such as uppercase words or numbers. In this post, I am going to address numbers. The numbers may also be: decimal - examples: average, price, score negative - examples: temperature, mathematical calculations comma separated - example: large amount such as appear in telephone numbers or bank statement Or a combination of any of these. [Read More]

How to Get All Uppercase Words from a String in JavaScript

And all lowercase words, too

On rare occasions, Google surprises you by returning no useful information for your search. Extracting numbers and retrieving all uppercase words from a given string in JavaScript were two such problems. In the latter case, there were all kinds of regex examples to find capitalized words or uppercase letters, but not the uppercase words. [Read More]