What Are the Alternatives to Google Places Geocoding Autocomplete

After the insane price hike of Google Maps with far-reaching consequences, people are looking for its viable alternatives, including geocoding autocomplete services. We had Google autocomplete text field in one of the apps, which had some 20,000 plus autocompleted sessions a month (Google counts autocomplete by session, not per keystroke). [Read More]

Google Maps Price Hike, its Effect on Small And Medium Businesses, and Future Repercussions

Maps, Routes And Places; all got out of developers' reach

For a long time, and for no fee, developers and entrepreneurs were ruthlessly milking Google Maps, the then unknown future cash cow of Google. In 2018, all of a sudden, Google put a hefty price tag on its Maps services, that included three distinct but related products: Maps, Routes, and Places. [Read More]